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Mission Statement

To strive for unity and corporate excellence

We envision a worship center full with the Glory of Jesus Christ

The chief purpose of the Greater Emmanuel is to worship and glorify God, who has given us the highest revelation of Himself in the Person of Jesus Christ.

To educate, motivate and empower the entire membership of Christ Church for the purpose of exaltation of Jesus Christ the mighty God of both heaven and earth

To evangelize our immediate Chattanooga community and the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

To foster discipleship, praise, stewardship, and worship among the members of the congregation

To provide a holistic ministry that reaches and ministers to mind, body, soul, and spirit

To meet the total needs of people in our community and our world

To foster a Christian community of transformed disciples of Jesus Christ

We further commit to worship together and work with each other to win souls to Christ and disciple believers so that Christ becomes    pre-eminent in every life