MONDAY: 7:00pm

FRIDAY: 12 noon

You can call in using number (717) 275-8940 or (712) 832-8330 and entering ID 9922952.

If you wish to join using your computer or tablet, you can do so by clicking on this link:

We look forward to your joining the call. We will take prayer requests at the start, and we ask that you please keep them concise and brief so that all have an opportunity to voice them.

We will have several participants from Jamaica and possibly other areas of the states, so please remember when praying, to place the phone slightly away so that we don’t sound overwhelming as a collective voice.

You can also call in for the audio portion of the Bible study by calling either (712) 832-8330 or (717) 275-8940 and entering access code 9922952.  You can also download the FreeConference app for your Android or Apple device and enter 9922952 for the meeting ID to listen.